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Distributors want you to connect. We make it easy. is the only company that specializes in simplifying manufacturer-distributor integrations.
MI Supplier Connect, AIT Direct Connect, and more...

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

A direct connection with your key national distributors will improve your supplier ranking, reduce calls, speed up business and can pay for itself in increased sales.

Share inventory availability, pricing and enable e-commerce in compliance with national distributor requirements.


Featured Integrations
  • Motion Industries Supplier Connect

  • AIT Direct Connect

  • Grainger (coming soon)

  • Fastenal (coming soon)


Cloud Based Solution

No additional expensive hardware or systems to install or maintain. Very low burden on your internal IT staff to implement.

Always stay up to date with latest distributor developments and changes.

Versatility and Expandability

Start with a single distributor, add on more later. You can decide the number of integrations you need and the service is priced accordingly. Have a distributor we don't support? We'll add them!

Business Data 

Faster access to your data means faster purchase decisions for distributors. Distributors see your pricing and availability immediately, in their own systems, and can sell MORE of your products.

Full Customer Experience Service

Distributors can see product availability, and place orders directly. This makes business easier for them, and makes YOU a preferred supplier.

Unprecedented Velocity
Impeccable Reliability systems have processed millions of transactions between manufacturers and distributors. Data flows seamlessly, quickly, and safely. Connections are encrypted with the same SSL/TLS encryption used every day for eCommerce around the world. All data stored on our systems is encrypted at rest, and access is restricted by internet IP address.

On top of that, our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

To learn more or get started simply click the button below. Someone from our team will be in contact to answer any questions you have. 

Pricing is based on actual usage to ensure affordability for any size manufacturer. Factors taken into consideration include: Number of distributor integrations, SKUs, and manufacturer stocking locations. is the only company that specializes in making direct to distribution connections easy.

  • Single distributor

  • Single stock location

  • Up to 1000 SKUs

  • 1 data source
    (ERP/API connection)

  • 250 Inquires/day max

  • 50 Orders/day max

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  • Up to 3 distributor connections

  • Up to 20 stocking locations

  • Up to 20K SKUs

  • Up to 2 data sources (ERPs/API connections)

  • 500 Inquires/day max

  • 100 Orders/day max

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  • Unlimited distributor connections

  • Unlimited stocking locations

  • Unlimited SKUs

  • Unlimited data sources (ERPs/API connections)

  • Unlimited Inquires/day

  • Unlimited Orders/day

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